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Welcome to Broyhill Crest Pool!

Broyhill Crest Pool, home of the Barracudas Swim Team, is a community pool located just off Murray Lane at the end of Early Street in Annandale, Virginia. We provide a fun, family-friendly place to relax, with a beautiful place to swim and enjoy all summer long. Come check us out!

President’s Message – 2020 Wrap-Up

The 2020 season has come and gone. The cover is now back on the pool and all the furniture has been stored away for 2021. We are so happy to have been able to provide an opportunity to enjoy our neighborhood pool in 2020. For many months, we honestly didn’t know if that would happen, but we never gave up hope. Without your support, we would not have been able to open.

We are so thankful to all of our shareholders and members – both new and previous – who joined the pool despite so much uncertainty and new rules and regulations. We never could have expected what 2020 would bring, but we were able to navigate the choppy waters to provide a safe and fun place to come this summer.

In some ways, the pandemic simplified things – we were happy just to have a place to cool off and talk with some friends and neighbors (from a distance, of course). In some ways, opening was harder – making sure we could keep everyone safe with new cleaning requirements, different break schedules and limited opportunities for gathering. I am so glad that we persevered and found a way to make it work.

To my knowledge, we are one of the few pools that provided deck furniture for patrons. We are also one of the few that did not require reservations. Again, we were able to do this only with your cooperation, patience and trust, as we adapted throughout the shortened season.

As we approach the holidays, I would like to express my gratitude from each of you that made 2020 possible. I know it was a bright spot for me in a very uncertain and at times, dark year. I hope that we can see a return to normalcy in 2021 and beyond, but I know that the future looks bright because we have our fabulous friends and neighbors in our corner, supporting us through whatever comes our way. We will persevere and do look forward to seeing you in 2021 at our backyard oasis!

Lastly, thanks to those that provided feedback as part of our summer survey. We appreciate all of the responses – both positive and negative. We will be considering all of your input as we prepare for 2021 and will work towards continued improvement at your “very cool pool”!

Erin Donovan, President Broyhill Crest

2020 Season Cool Pool News

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