Front Desk: (703) 914-9608
Membership: (703) 560-1282

Contact Us

Contact Us

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Name Role Phone Email
Kristin Gutkowski Swim Team Representative 703-256-0639  
Kathleen Fay Swim Team Representative 703-354-3170  
David Chesnick BCRC Board, Treasurer
Doug Mueller BCRC Board, Facilities Chair
Gary Verhagen BCRC Board, Operations Chair
Lori Martin BCRC Board, Clerk/Membership 703-560-1282
Robyn Leersnyder BCRC Board Member & Pool News Reporter 703-207-2063
Beverly Schlotterbeck BCRC Board, Vice President 703-641-5665
Dan Gushue BCRC Board, President  703-201-1698

2019 Hours of Operation

  • Mon- Fri 1-9 while FCPS in session;
  • Mon - Fri 11 - 9 starting June 17th - Aug 23th;
  • Sat & Sun 11-9 All season;
Hours are in effect from May 25th (Opening Day) to September 2nd (Closing Day)

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