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Bubbles Developmental Program

Bubbles Developmental Program

bubblesThe Barracuda Bubbles program is designed to provide young swimmers (ages 3-8) with basic swimming skills essential for continued involvement in the sport of competitive swimming. The program’s purpose is not to provide technical swim lessons; rather, it is designed to help younger children become comfortable in the water, learn some basic water skills, and have fun!

When a Barracuda Bubble demonstrates the ability and desire to swim with the 8 and under group, they will be encouraged to move up. This decision will be based on the swimmer’s ability to swim a full length of the pool without help, the child’s desire, the coach(es’) recommendation, and the parents’ judgment.

The main “competition” for the Bubbles is a kickboard race(s) during the break in “A” meets on Saturday mornings and at the start of the “B” meets.

The qualifications to be a bubble are that you are comfortable leaving your parent, can listen to instructions and can perform well in a group setting. Bubble groups are kept small (5-6 children) with one Assistant Coach per group. They will be grouped according to ability.

For more information about how to join the Bubbles, please contact Alexis Martina at

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