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Swim Team Tips for Parents

Hints to Help your Swimmer Be More Successful

  • Come prepared and on time (e.g. goggles, cap, suit, suncreen, water.)
  • Be supportive on and off the deck — swimming should be FUN, not pressure-filled.  (If you desire more adrenaline, the Parent’s Relay could always use additional members.)
  • Encourage your swimmers to swim to their own objectives — often a best time is a bigger accomplishment than a first place finish.
  • A good night’s sleep before a meet never hurts.
  • Eat for speed.  “Carb up” a day or two before a meet.  Sugar before or during a meet hinders performance.
  • Don’t try to coach your swimmer.  He/she already has one.  If you have an issue or question, talk to a team representative.
  • Cheer often.  Cheer loudly.  Cheer for all.  Note, it is quite difficult to hear underwater.
  • Encourage good sportsmanship and be a good role model.
  • Volunteer (you’ll have a great view of the action).  Timers and snack bar volunteers are needed at every home meet.

2020 Hours of Operation

Pool is open from May 23rd to September 7th

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