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Swim Team Volunteers


The old adage “it takes a village to run a swim team” (or something like that) could not be truer than for the Barracudas.  For every meet there is a need for volunteer timers, helpers in the snack bar, volunteers to bake for the snack bar, and stroke and turn judges.  Because we are a relatively small team, we need help from nearly every family every meet.  Following is a list of volunteer positions.  For every meet there is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board for timers.  Otherwise, please see the team rep to find the volunteer activities that work best for you.

Volunteers are needed immediately for the June 18 – B Meet – Koncession Krew, click to sign up and help:

2019 Hours of Operation

  • Mon-Fri:
    • 1-9 while FCPS in session
    • 11-9 June 14-August 23
    • 1-9 August 24-Sept 1
    • 1-6 Sept 2 (Closing day)
  • Sat & Sun: 11-9 All season
Hours are in effect from May 25th (Opening Day) to September 2nd (Closing Day)

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