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Swim Team Volunteers


The old adage “it takes a village to run a swim team” (or something like that) could not be truer than for the Barracudas.  For every meet there is a need for volunteer timers, helpers in the snack bar, volunteers to bake for the snack bar, and stroke and turn judges.  Because we are a relatively small team, we need help from nearly every family every meet.  Following is a list of volunteer positions.  For every meet there is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board for timers.  Otherwise, please see the team rep to find the volunteer activities that work best for you.

Volunteers are needed immediately for the June 18 – B Meet – Koncession Krew, click to sign up and help:

Position Contact Info Description
Team Reps. Linda Manning
Debbie Mueller
703.354.8498 (home)
Overall organization, ensuring adequate number and training of volunteers, liaison with NVSL and other teams, enrollment, equipment, hiring coaching staff, determining awards, problem-solving, etc.
Bubbles Coordinator Alexis Martina
Point of contact for developmental swim program including coordinating registration,events, communication, etc.
Chief Timer Vacant Ensures that there are an adequate number of timers for each meet, gives instructions to all timers prior to the start of each meet, and collects timing cards from timers.
Chief of Tables Pat O’Beirne
Responsible for transferring times and swimmers names to ribbons for regulation meets as well as any additional places chosen.
Clerks of Course Erin Donavan
Julia Grandison
Helps keep meet running smoothly by organizing swimmers into their right events at the right time in the right age group.
Announcer Mike Gates
Ben Bacon
Runs the meet including announcing the events and scores, ensuring a quiet, safe and fair start.
Chief of Officials Debbie Mueller Ensures that there are adequate volunteers for each meet and that they are properly trained including stroke and turn judges, announcers, clerk of course, timers, etc.
Team Data Pete Wiley
Runs the computer system for the team essential to sharing roster of swimmers by event with other pools. Keeps the statistics of the team.
Webmaster Alastair Neil
Posts items, news, photos, etc. on the team web page.
Team Photographer Maria Marvich Takes pictures at meets, activities, etc. and provides an electronic “slide show” at the end of the year. Provides pictures for the website.
Social Coordinator Vacant  Coordinates team spirit building activities.
Swim Suits Alene Sprano
Coordinates the choice and information for parents about ordering a team suit.  Barracudas usually keep the same suit for 2-3 seasons.
Barracuda Snack Bar Dan Gushue
Maria Ferrante
Keeps snack bar stocked, clean and running for swim meets and special events.VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO BAKE and HELP SELL at EACH MEET

2018 Hours of Operation

  • Mon- Fri 1-9 while FCPS in session;
  • Mon - Fri 11 - 9 starting June 18th - Aug 24th;
  • Sat & Sun 11-9 All season;
Hours are in effect from May 26th (Opening Day) to September 3rd (Closing Day)

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