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Welcome to Broyhill Crest Pool!

Broyhill Crest Pool, home of the Barracudas Swim Team, is a community pool located just off Murray Lane at the end of Early Street in Annandale, Virginia. We provide a fun, family-friendly place to relax, with a beautiful place to swim and enjoy all summer long. Come check us out!
Food Truck Friday – Sate (7/27/2021)

Take a trip to Indonesia and come on out Friday, July 30, from 5–7 pm. Enjoy a delicious fresh-cooked meal and support a local, small business at the Sate Food Truck. Pre-order at

As always, grab and go or bring your food up to Kathy’s Korner and enjoy your meal at our traditional happy hour starting around 6 pm – bring your favorite beverage (no glass please!) and enjoy the company of your Broyhill family!

CPN 9 – Swim Team Divisionals This Saturday! (7/20/2021)
Summer is fun and the place to be
To enjoy it all, every day
Is the coolest pool in Broyhill Crest
To swim, to sun and to play…

Our pool will be hosting the NVSL swim team Divisionals. This fun and exciting event features all six teams in our division  competing at our pool for the divisional championships. Please understand that there will be many swimmers and families driving and parking in the area of the pool, and there may be some inconvenience experienced for the local residents. Swimmers will be arriving from 8 am, and meet is expected to end around 2pm.

The Pool will be CLOSED to members 
until 2 pm earliest (may be longer if weather delays occur), and we appreciate your cooperation with this. The Divisionals are the final event of the swim team season and a chance for us to show our Broyhill Crest pool as the welcoming and friendly place it is! All members are welcome to come and cheer for our team, and enjoy fine dining at the concessions stand during the event.
SUNDAY, JULY 25 – Adult Swim
Pool opens from 10-11 am for Adult Swim – anyone 18 or over is welcome to ‘take the waters’ or simply enjoy the peace and quiet with your coffee and paper!
Float Night – Every Tuesday from 7-8 pm, bring a float to the pool and enjoy hanging with like minded kids (big and small)! And from 7:15 – 8:15 pm, ice cream floats are available for purchase at the ever-popular price of just $1. Great fun and great friendships happen here!
Watch this space for more fun events coming up!

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