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Type of Swim Meets

Types of Swim Meets


A Meets

An “A” meet is the official NVSL scored meet. They take place on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to about noon, beginning June 20nd. Points scored by individual swimmers are added to create a team score and ranking within the Division. At the end of the year, each Division has a Division Champion determined by points earned at these meets. Individual swimmers will swim a variety of events (not always their best of favorite stroke) depending on the competition and where the most points can be scored. The age groups are: 8 & under; 9-10; 11-12; 13-14; and 15-18 for each gender. All races are 50 meters except for 8 & under who swim 25 meters. There is also a freestyle relay and medley relay for each age group.

B Meets

A “B” meet is a less-formal, “practice” meet for which the scores are not counted toward NVSL points. Each swimmer can enter two events. Swimmers may not enter events in which they placed first or second in a Saturday “A” meet. “B” meets are a fantastic way for younger swimmers to get in the water and compete and for experienced swimmers to try their hand at new events. We typically schedule these meets on Monday evenings.


Relay Carnival

A relay carnival is a meet that is focused only on two types of 4-swimmer relays: 1) the all-freestyle relay; and 2) the medley relay (one swimmer per each of the four strokes). These relays are divided by gender and age group, so there are 2 relays per age group. Each relay is 200 meters (50 meters for each swimmer), except the 8 and unders. All relays that qualify (based on fastest times) may participate in Relay All Stars.

IM (Individual Medley) Invitational

Broyhill Crest traditionally participates in the Todd Potts IM Invitational at nearby Forest Hollow pool. This is an opportunity for swimmers to swim the crown jewel of swimming events, the Individual Medley, all four strokes in the following order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. IM is not swum in regular A meets.

Each Division in the NVSL holds a divisional competition. There is no team score for this competition; it is a meet where a swimmer can compete for individual glory against others in specific events, including IM. Each team can enter a maximum of two swimmers per event, and each swimmer can compete in a maximum of two events. The fastest swimmers who are available to swim are placed in that event. Any lanes not filled by a team are filled in an open-bid process within the Division. This is an exciting event and a great way to end the season—lots of personal bests!

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